Stay Protected Against Common Condo Risks

As a condo owner, acquiring a reliable condo insurance policy is the great first step to ensure your financial security. A condo insurance policy in Québec offers protection for your unit and belongings, as well as coverage against third-party liability.

How Does Condo Insurance Protect you?

Your condo is your home, your personal space you have invested in. A solid insurance policy typically protects you and your unit against liability claims, property damage, and living expenses if you temporarily relocate after a loss. While condo insurance is like home insurance coverage, there are some important differences, which we will explore below.

Why should you get condo insurance in Québec?

While your condo unit’s structure is covered by your condo corporation policy, in some circumstances, the corporation’s policy may fall short and leave you with unexpected costs. Reliable condo insurance ensures you are protected from common risks. To get more information about the protection and coverage provided by condo insurance policies, contact our team of brokers.


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Common Condo Insurance Coverage Options

Liability insurance

Covers legal and medical expenses from accidental or intentional harm to a visitor or damage to their belongings while at your condo.

Property damage

Covers costs associated with damage or destruction to your condo unit from fire, a burst pipe or storm, and other damage stated in your policy. Some policies will not cover water damage.

Unit improvements and betterments

Renovations require insurance to protect your unit and its contents. Be prepared with the proper insurance that covers your specific needs.

Condo Insurance Endorsements

Additional protections for your condo can include:

Contents insurance

Replacing your personal items can be expensive. Contents insurance protects you financially after theft, vandalism or flood damage.

Additional living expenses

Coverage of expenses (e.g., accommodation, meals, transportation) for temporary relocation after an insured loss (fire, flood).

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What Determines your Condo Insurance Rate in Québec?

Condo the amount of insurance needed size and location

The size and location of your condominium will impact your insurance rate. For example, if you live in an area where the crime rate is high, your rate may be higher compared to a neighborhood that has a low crime rate.

Replacement cost of your belongings

It’s helpful to keep an inventory list of your items in the event you need to repair or replace your personal goods after an insured loss. If you have several pricey items to insure, your insurance rate may be high.

Claims history

If you have a list of claims or convictions, your insurance rate will likely be high compared to an owner that has zero claims and convictions. The higher risk you are to the insurer, the higher your rate.

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A personalized condo insurance policy will not include the building’s structure and common areas (hallways, game room, pool, gym, etc.). Many condo insurance policies do not protect you against water damage that is caused by the condo owner or a visitor (e.g., burst pipes), or overland water damage. Contact one of our condo insurance brokers to find out what is not covered under your specific policy.

Condo insurance is not mandatory in Québec; however, it’s required by most banks and lenders, and it is essential to ensure your financial security as a condo owner.

There are several measures you can take to lower the likelihood of certain risks occurring in your condo, which could possibly lower your premium. Such measures can include investing in a condo security system, bundling your auto insurance and your condo insurance policies, and increasing your deductible.

When you buy a divided co-ownership or condominium, you are the owner of your condo and part of the shared areas owned by other owners of the building. Common shared areas include corridors, roof, basement, elevators, heating room, swimming pool, parking and garden. It is the most popular form of co-ownership in Québec.

Undivided co-ownership:

Co-owners are not owners of the exclusive part of their residence, rather they are owners of part of the entire complex. They must therefore get a homeowners policy with a specific amount for the personal property of each owner, when there are only a few, or a tenant insurance policy where the building includes many owners. Always check with one of our qualified condo brokers to find out what type of insurance policy you need based on your situation.

Reliable coverage, competitive insurance rates

Protect your personal belongings with reliable condominium insurance in Québec. Get a quote now for comprehensive coverage against common risks associated with condominiums. Insure your unit, belongings, and liability. Contact our team of brokers to benefit from competitive options tailored to your needs. Don’t let luck determine your financial security.

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