Protecting your identity should be one of you top priorities

Protecting your identity should be one of your top priorities. It is your personal information [...]

Cyber-attack at Promutuel Assurance – Update

Promutuel Insurance has informed us that «they have been the victim of a cyberattack which [...]

Pafco Insurance’s Stay at home payment for Covid19

Pafco Insurance announced an automatic “Stay at Home Payment” to help its personal auto insurance [...]

Will commercial or business interruption insurance cover me after an interruption due to COVID-19?

The impact of COVID-19 and your commercial insurance With the coronavirus, and the repercussions it [...]

Do you have a home office or do you work from home? This is what you need to know.

Do you have a home office or do you work from home? This is what [...]

Home insurance: 5 factors that influence your premium

The home insurance market is a very competitive industry. The insurance market today is not [...]

You are probably not insured… Are you ready in case of data loss?

You are probably not insured… Are you ready in case of data loss? You will [...]

Social media marketing coordinator

We are looking for a social media addict to join our team as a social [...]

YES! Your insurer has the right to know your credit rating!  

Fortunately, or unfortunately for some insureds, an insurer is fully compliant to ask you for [...]

What are the most stolen cars in Canada and Quebec in 2018?

En entrevue en décembre 2018 à l’émission Le Québec Matin sur le réseau LCN avec [...]

Urban agriculture – Are you well insured?

Are you the owner of a vertical farming in a commercial building? Did you know [...]

Construction site insurance, what you need to know!

Construction site insurance, what you need to know! In Quebec, the construction sector is active [...]

Why Choose an Insurance Broker ?

Why choose an insurance broker? Warning! Know that the insurance premium you currently pay or [...]

Condo 7-point condo tour insurance

1- What is the difference between condo insurance and home insurance? Maintaining a home is [...]

Why take out legal insurance?

Many insurers offer a coverage that is not widely known to the public: legal insurance. [...]

What is liability insurance?

Everything you need to know about liability insurance. Why do we need liability insurance? Every [...]

Residential / Home Insurance – Things to know

Winter and home insurance policies Winter is not only rough on most Canadians but also [...]

Home Tips



Replace this with a summary of the content of this post. Orci varius natoque [...]

What to do if you are the victim of an incident and you have a claim?

During times of a claim, Ciccarello Assurance is there to keep a close eye and [...]

Tips – Car – Replacement cost

Replacement Cost Ciccarello Insurance provides two types of replacement cost insurance that offers peace-of-mind vehicle [...]

Order your joint report available online

Here is a site that allows you to download a template for an joint report. [...]

False Declarations

Some people think that by withholding information to their broker, such as claims and tickets, [...]

What to expect during a claim?

Have you ever wondered what happens while we are processiong your claim? The following gives [...]

New payment method available

In order to make the insurance process more convenient for our clients, we now offer [...]

The most stolen vehicles in Canada

The Insurance Bureau of Canada has released their list for the most stolen vehicles in [...]

Pneus d’hiver

December 15th is officially the last day to install your winter tires. We advise you [...]

Welcome to the Ciccarello Blog

Welcome to our new blog section brought to you by Ciccarello Assurances, in here you [...]