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As an entrepreneur, a home business insurance policy is critical to protect you against liability risks, business interruption, the loss or damage of business equipment, and more. There are many challenges that come with running a home-based business in Québec. Securing a reliable home business insurance policy helps alleviate the pressure and allows you to focus on what matters. 

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How Does Insurance Coverage Affect Your Home Business?

A standard home business insurance policy may include liability, which protects you in case you are sued by a visitor for injuries incurred at your home office. It also provides coverage for the loss or damage of your organization’s inventory or equipment located at, or away from, your home office.

Why Purchase Home Business Insurance?

You may think your home insurance policy provides ample protection for your home business; however, there are many aspects of your business that a home insurance policy does not cover. Having a home business insurance policy in place protects your business’ bottom line and ensures you can recover operations in case of an insured claim.  

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Basic Home Business Insurance Options

Professional liability insurance (E&O)

Protects you financially in case a mistake in the product or service you offer causes loss or harm to a client.

Equipment and inventory insurance

Adequate insurance prevents you from losing money from stolen or damaged furniture, supplies and business equipment. 

Commercial general liability

Also called slip and fall insurance, CGL insurance protects you financially when visitors to your home get hurt. It may also cover claims alleging property damage or bodily injuries from a third party.

Additional Home Business Insurance Options

A self-employed business owner needs to cover all the insurance bases. Additional home business insurance policies offered may include cyber liability insurance, business interruption insurance, and product liability insurance.

Cybercrime, including phishing and hacking assists you financially from cyber-attacks and lost or damaged data. Product liability insurance may cover the products you sell, and services provided against claims that involve property damage or bodily injury.

What Factors Affect the Cost of your Home Business Insurance?

  • Where you live: The location of your home-based business can determine the price range of your insurance premium.
  • Claims history: If you have previous claims or convictions, your insurance rate will likely rise.
  • Your product or service you sell: Whether you are a service provider or sell products, the cost of your insurance could go up or down depending on the different risks in your business.
Home Business Insurance Québec

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There are many areas of home business insurance that are not included in standard home insurance policies. Having insurance while you work at home helps protect yourself and your business products or services from lawsuits and other potential financial burdens.

Home-based business insurance can be obtained as an extension of your home insurance policy or as a separate policy. Ask one of our experienced home-based insurance brokers for more information. Every business is different and will need a personalized insurance policy to ensure it’s adequately protected.

If your home-based business operations do not exceed a few people, it may qualify for home business insurance; however, if you run a larger operation, you should consider obtaining commercial insurance instead. Always consult one of our skilled brokers for advice and options to serve you and your business better. 

The average cost of a home-based business insurance policy in Québec is approximately $975 per year. This dollar amount depends on many factors, and your final insurance rate will depend on various factors, including your organization’s revenue, your claim history, and your location. Ask a Ciccarello home business broker for advice on your business requirements. 

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