Multi-Unit Building Insurance in Québec

Multi-Unit Building Insurance quebec

Protect Your Investment

If you own, rent, or manage a multiple-unit building, a secure insurance policy protects you against a variety of risks. As the owner or manager of a dwelling with more than one private space, a solid insurance policy is the key to protecting your units, tenants, and yourself from financial loss.

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How Does Multiple-Unit Building Insurance Protect Your Investment?

As a condo, apartment or townhouse owner, it’s important to ensure the stability of your income stream. Multiple-unit building insurance helps you stay protected against accidents or physical damage that may affect your building and its units, including theft, vandalism, or fire. Multi-unit insurance also provides liability protection, and financial compensation for rental income in case one or more units in your building are temporarily uninhabitable.

Why Do You Need Multiple-Unit Building Insurance in Québec?

A lot goes into keeping your rental property risk-free. The right insurance policy helps you stay prepared for common risks and secures your financials while restoring your building after a loss, with no hassle.

Multi-Unit Building Insurance

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Coverage for Multi-Unit Building Insurance

Dwelling coverage

Covers the building and detached structures (garage, shed, etc.)

Landlord belongings

Secure your belongings found inside your building or unit.

Third-party liability

Protection if you cause unintentional harm to a third party or to property.

Loss of rental income

Remuneration for lost income after an insured loss.

Additional Coverage for Your Multiple-Unit Building

If you want additional dwelling protection, you can opt for policy add-ons, including water damage, business interruption coverage, and more. If you rent out your apartment using a service like Airbnb, you will require additional insurance coverage. Read about a few add-ons below and ask one of our experienced brokers for more details.

Optional Add-On

Water damage: A common endorsement to your multi-unit building insurance policy may include flood or sewer-back-up insurance, which is not covered under a basic policy.

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Multiple unit building insurance is not mandatory in Canada. However, lenders may require that you get insurance before financing the building whether it’s an apartment, condo, or other dwelling type. Additionally, multiple unit building insurance helps you keep your investment profitable by protecting you from major financial loss.

Multiple-unit building insurance is ideal for you if you own up to 6 units. If you own more than 6, it is recommended that you consider purchasing a commercial insurance  policy instead. Talk to one of our multi-unit brokers to get more information about the available policy details and what would best suit your needs.

Multiple-unit building insurance covers your property (the building) and its contents (appliances, furniture, etc.) The tenants’ personal items are not covered by multiple-unit insurance. A tenant must purchase a separate tenant insurance policy to protect their personal stuff.

To lower your monthly multiple-unit building insurance rate, you can increase your deductible amount and maintain a solid claims history (i.e., low claim submissions, and up-to-date building maintenance, including plumbing, roof, ventilation.)

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