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If you’re looking for peace of mind and protection for one of your biggest investments, we have you covered. Being one of Canada’s leading independent insurance brokers, we provide the best homeowner’s insurance. We work with the top markets in the country to ensure we’re providing you with exceptional coverage and value for your insurance.

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Since 1965, we have had the reputation of providing reliable coverage for your home and valued possessions. Our brokers are not only experts in the industry, but will go above and beyond to find you the coverage that best fit your particular homeowner needs.

Our knowledgeable brokers will help you identify your insurance requirements, locate the most cost-effective coverage for your purposes, manage your risks, and act as your champion in the event of a claim.

Our brokers can help you with the following:

  • Determine your needs for house insurance.
  • Provide affordable homeowners insurance quotes
  • Serve as your resource for advice and house insurance.
  • Defend your interests if you have a claim.

The process of buying a new house is thrilling. But it may also be difficult, particularly when it comes to your house insurance. It’s crucial to be well protected in case something unfortunate occurs. The correct homeowners’’ insurance can be much easier to choose with the aid of our home insurance agents at Ciccarello Assurances.

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What is Home and Contents Insurance?

Home Insurance

Home insurance covers content insurance. Up to the policy maximum, your home'’s structure as well as your furnishings, fixtures, appliances, and other personal property are all protected from a variety of perils. The scope of your coverage is determined by your insurance selections. You may determine the type and amount of coverage you require with the aid of an insurance broker.

Content Insurance

The safety of your personal property, such as any furniture and fittings you own, is covered by content insurance. It also goes by the name "house contents insurance". Typically, an insurance policy is referred to as a renter'’s, tenants, or condo insurance policy (depending on if you rent or own a condo).

A master condo policy will only cover the structure and shared spaces, but a landlord'’s insurance policy will only cover the structure, and anything owned by the landlord, thus contents insurance only covers your own stuff.

Why do you need Home Insurance?

House insurance can assist you in rebuilding after a disaster if you are unable to pay to repair your home, your possessions, or the costs associated with filing a lawsuit. Your long-term financial stability is enhanced by it.

For instance, the expense of restoring and replacing your valuables if your home is destroyed in a fire might go into hundreds of thousands of dollars or even more! House insurance decreases your financial load by assisting with additional living expenses, home repairs or rebuilding, and the replacement of broken property.

Why do you need Home Contents Insurance?

You require home contents insurance if you rent or own a condominium. Your possessions will not be covered by your landlord’s insurance if you rent a home. If you live in a condo, the condo master insurance will also only protect the building itself; your furnishings, clothing, and other possessions would not be covered. Additionally, you are not protected in terms of responsibility.

Home Contents Insurance

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What does all this mean?

It implies that in the event of a fire, you would be financially liable for any necessary repairs or replacements. It also implies that you would be responsible for any out-of-pocket expenses if someone slipped in your home, fractured their wrist, and then filed a lawsuit against you for damages.

What does Content Insurance cover?

The finest contents insurance includes liability and personal property protection. If your possessions are harmed or destroyed by one of the covered perils, such as a fire, these covers fix or replace them. Your legal costs may be reimbursed if someone is injured while visiting your house or their property is harmed, depending on your level of culpability.

In the case of a required evacuation or an insured claim, additional living expenses are also covered by content insurance. This implies that the additional costs you incur when temporarily leaving your house may be paid in some circumstances. Up to your policy’s maximum, this also includes the difference in lodging, transportation, and food expenditures.

In general, content insurance will cover the following types of damage:

  • Fire
  • Smoke
  • Explosion
  • Vandalism
  • Theft
  • Wind
  • Hail
  • Lightning
  • Water damage – as an optional add-on for sewer backup and overland water
  • Earthquake – as an optional add-on, often with a separate deductible

Other factors to consider for your home insurance include:

  • Policy Limits (the maximum amount your content insurance will payout in the event of a claim)
  • Deductible (the amount you pay when you have a covered claim before your insurance kicks in)
  • Replacement Cost (the way your contents are valued and how a covered claim will payout)

What affects the cost of my Home Insurance? A lot goes into calculating your home insurance rates. Everything from location, to rebuild value to proximity to a fire station. Here are some factors that greatly influence home insurance rates:


The crime rate, the intensity and frequency of poor weather and natural catastrophes, the distance from fire services, and the distance from dangers like bodies of water are all determined by this.

Coverage Options

You decide on the deductible, add-on coverage, and insurance limitations. Your final home insurance prices will be influenced by all of these

Damage Detecting System

Among the equipment that can assist you in preventing or detecting damage are backup valves, sump pumps, water alarms, burglar alarms, security cameras and illumination, and other systems. They can negotiate lower rates for your homeowner’s insurance.

Age and construction type

This might help you gauge the likelihood that your house will sustain damage.

Insurance History

Your homeowner insurance premiums are influenced by your claim’s history and length of insurance coverage.

The way that each home insurance provider determines pricing varies. Your home insurance broker at Ciccarello will be able to explain your premiums to you and provide suggestions for lowering them.

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