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When completing a large-scale project, it’s important to gain your client’s trust. Having surety bonds helps you focus on completing your projects to the highest standards. Work with our bond experts to get the most suitable surety bond for your project and sufficient coverage in the event of a claim. We have significant experience in brokering commercial surety bonds, especially in the construction industry.

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How Do You Know You Need a Surety Bond?

Surety bonds are sometimes required by clients on large construction projects, and on a variety of projects in other industries. Surety bonds help ensure the commitment of involved parties in the project. Some contractors opt for surety bonds even if they are not required by the client, to make their business stand out during the bidding stage. 

Determining if you need a surety bond involves assessing your specific project or business requirements. Factors like project size, industry regulations, client demands, and contractual obligations play a role. Work with us to evaluate your circumstances, ensuring you have the necessary bond coverage when needed.

What Type of Surety Bond Does My Project Need?

Choosing the right type of surety bond insurance for your project depends on its nature and requirements. There are several types of surety bonds available, each with different conditions, based on the nature of the project. Common options include bid bonds, performance bonds, and payment bonds for construction projects. To find out what kind of surety bond coverage you need for your project, contact one of our skilled insurance brokers for detailed information and guidance.

Entrepreneur Bonds

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What are the Most Popular Types of Commercial Surety Bonds?

Entrepreneur Bonds

Are you a startup that deals with contracts? You may need a bid bond, an execution bond, or a material and labour bond.

License and Permit Bond

A license bond can be used to obtain a professional license for a trade (e.g. freight broker, car dealer) and ensures a business or individual meets all government rules and regulations.

Fiduciary Bond

A fiduciary bond is a type of court bond that protects the person for whom the fiduciary is acting. An example of a type of fiduciary bond is an executor and their responsibility to manage an estate.

What are the Benefits of Surety Bonds?

Our commercial lines brokers, with the help of our partner insurers, provide commercial surety bonds directly, reducing your waiting time. We provide bond pricing, which is based on liability amount, duration of coverage and other factors.

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Key Benefits to working with Us to find a surety bond:

  • Reduced Wait Times
    We can provide clients with commercial surety bonds directly, so your wait time for a bond to become available is reduced.
  • Expert Advice
    Our brokers give you advice on the type and value of your surety bond, including the terms of the bond.
  • Reliable Coverage
    In the event of a claim, our bond experts offer you consistent and reliable coverage.

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A surety bond is a written contract that guarantees that the parties involved in an agreement comply, perform, and pay. Surety bonds involve three parties in the agreement: 1. the principal, 2. the surety (the insurer), and 3. the obligee.

The cost of surety bonds typically depends on the bond value, the duration of the project, the nature of the project and the risks associated with the overall project.

There are several types of commercial surety bonds, including performance bonds, bid bonds, security for licenses and permits, guarantee of materials and labor, consumer protection, and more. To learn more about the different kinds of bonds to determine which bond you need for your project, contact our broker experts today.

To qualify for a surety bond, you must first fill out an application. There are several requirements for this step, so please ask one of our brokers if you have any questions. You must know what type of bond and the bond amount you need. In addition to a completed application, you must have several items, including a personal credit score, your company’s financial details, personal finances, a work on hand report (to track progress on a project), and more.

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When it comes to large-scale projects, establishing trust with your client is paramount. Utilizing surety bonds insurance allows you to prioritize delivering your projects with utmost excellence. Collaborate with our seasoned bond professionals to secure the ideal surety bond for your project, ensuring ample coverage in case of a claim. We have extensive expertise in facilitating commercial surety bonds, with a particular emphasis on the construction sector.

For unmatched knowledge and expertise, rely on your trusted insurance brokers in Montreal. Contact us today at our head office, our Laval office, or our office in LaSalle. We’re eager to help you with surety bonds or any other type of commercial insurance!

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