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    What We Offer At Ciccarello Assurances et services financiers, we offer a variety of insurance products, designed to meet your specific needs.

    Insurance Options for Truck Insurance

    Trucking insurance provides essential coverage for commercial trucking operations. It protects against liabilities, damages, and losses associated with transporting goods, ensuring legal compliance and financial security in the trucking industry.

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    Business Insurance

    Business insurance is essential protection for businesses of all sizes, providing financial coverage for loss or damage to property, employees or third parties.

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    Commercial General Liability Insurance

    Commercial general liability insurance is coverage that protects businesses from third-party claims, for bodily injury, property damage or financial loss caused by the business's activities. This insurance can cover legal fees and indemnities, resulting from third party claims.

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    surety bonds

    Surety bonds ensure contractual obligations are met, building trust in large-scale projects. Our brokers tailor the right bond for your needs, offering reliable coverage and quick issuance through partner insurers. Essential for project commitment, these bonds are key for construction and beyond.

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    Home Insurance

    Home insurance is essential protection for homeowners and renters. It provides financial coverage in the event of damage to their property or belongings. This insurance can cover losses such as fire, water damage, theft and civil liability.

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    Auto Insurance

    Auto insurance is a mandatory insurance for all owners of motor vehicles, providing financial coverage in case of damage to others or to your own vehicle.

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    High-Value Home Insurance

    High-Value Home Insurance provides comprehensive coverage for luxury properties. Tailored for the unique needs of upscale homeowners, it offers extensive policy limits and specialized options. Secure your high-value home with expertly crafted insurance designed for maximum protection and peace of mind.

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    Condo Insurance

    Condominium insurance is a group insurance policy that covers the common areas of a condominium building, as well as the condominium's civil liabilities. This insurance is mandatory for all owners of a condominium unit, and can be supplemented by home insurance, to cover the owners' personal property.

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    Why Choose Ciccarello for your Insurance Needs

    Customer Loyalty

    We put our customers first. We know they need to find secure, reliable insurance that protects them in their daily lives. We find solutions for these multiple needs, so you can get back to doing what you love most, and attend to your life.

    Experienced Brokers

    Our skilled staff has been serving customers for more than 50 years. Coupled with our insurer partners, we deliver exceptional service, and help our clients find the insurance they need.

    In Business for Half a Century

    We understand our clients’ needs because we have been helping our clients for over 50 years. Our insurance brokers are experts in their respective fields, and love helping people make important insurance decisions.

    Our Priority: Finding you the best insurance.

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