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You must get an adequate commercial general liability (CGL) insurance policy if you run a business, whether a small startup or a fast-growing organization; a simple mistake or mishap could ruin you financially without the proper insurance policy.

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Why Do I Need General Liability Insurance for My Business?

If your business sells products that could potentially harm a client or cause property damage, or you sell services, you don’t want to be responsible for legal fees during a lawsuit. While you may have stringent health and safety rules in place, it only takes one accident or mistake to negatively impact one of your customers or clients. It’s better to have a tailored insurance policy behind you to cover everything from lawyer fees to property damage costs.

What is NOT Covered Under a General Liability Insurance Policy?

While every business insurance policy is different, some businesses’ operations are not covered under a commercial general liability insurance policy. For example, you need a commercial auto insurance policy if you own a moving company with 200 vans and drivers. Other examples that require different coverage than a CGL policy include criminal acts and professional advice you provide; the latter would require a professional liability insurance policy.

General Liability Insurance

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Basic CGL Policy Coverage

Bodily injury

Any personal injury your organization causes to another person caused by your company is covered under a basic CGL policy. This includes legal fees and other expenses to defend yourself if a lawsuit ensues.

Property damages

Any property damage caused by your business, or its products may be remedied under this coverage type. This type of damage may occur on your business’ premises or elsewhere.

Product liability

If your business sells, manufactures, or distributes products that could potentially cause harm to another person (third-party property damage or bodily injury), this is the coverage you need for your business. This coverage may include legal fees and judgements.

What Factors Can Impact My General Liability Insurance Rate?

There are several factors that can affect your general liability insurance rate, including the type of business you own, your claims history, your business size and revenue, the location of your business, coverage limits, and your deductible amount. While there may be other factors that determine your premium, contact one of our skilled brokers to get advice.

Common Add-Ons to a CGL Policy

Tenant’s legal liability

Your business can’t prevent accidents at its premises, so it must have a tenant’s legal liability endorsement that covers loss or damage to a commercial property.

Cyber Crime Insurance

All sizes of businesses can be affected by hacks and data breaches, so it may be essential to have a cyber crime insurance policy. Cyber insurance is often a separate policy that you would add on to a CGL policy.

CGL policy

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If you run a business from your home, the type of insurance policy you require depends on the type of business you run and what you provide as a product or service. For example, if you are a private counselor you would need to have professional liability insurance. But if you sold or distributed products, you may need a commercial general liability insurance policy. Always consult with one of our skilled brokers before you make your decision to ensure you and your business are adequately covered from all risks.

The cost of a commercial general liability insurance policy varies considerably depending on many factors. These factors include the type of business, the products or services you provide, the location of your business, your previous insurance history (claims, convictions), and more. Our skilled brokers are available to talk about your needs and work with you to get affordable insurance quotes as fast as possible.

There are many businesses that require commercial general liability insurance, especially if you come into contact with customers daily. Some examples of businesses that should have CGL insurance include retail stores, construction companies, contractors, accountants, and more. If you are in doubt whether your business requires a general liability insurance policy, contact one of our brokers for advice.

Yes. Additional insurance is available and depends on the type of business and what industry you work in. Consult with one of our skilled brokers to find out what endorsements you may need to successfully operate your business.

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