Tenant Insurance in Québec

Tenant Insurance

Rest Easy with Secure Tenant Insurance

Tenant insurance, also known as renters’ insurance, provides necessary coverage for tenants in an apartment, home, or other dwellings. With the right tenant insurance policy in place, you can rest easy knowing you are financially protected against major losses, damage to your belongings, and potential legal costs.

Protect your Belongings

How Does Tenant Insurance Protect You?

 Tenant insurance protects you against personal liability and provides essential compensation when your personal items are damaged or stolen. Often tenants believe that their personal stuff is secure because their landlord has insurance —but this is false. 

Tenant insurance also covers third-party liability. If a visitor is hurt while visiting your rental and decides to take legal action, a tenant insurance policy could pay for all, or part, of your pricey lawyer fees. Your renter’s policy may also include additional living expenses if you need to temporarily live elsewhere when your rented property becomes unlivable due to a covered claim.

Why Should You Get Tenant Insurance in Québec?

Tenant insurance fills in the gaps in your landlord’s policy and most importantly shields you against liability claims, which are a huge expense. Although your landlord already has insurance that protects the building you live in (building structure), it does not cover your personal items.

You may also discover that some landlords require tenant insurance before you sign a lease. As a renter, accidents happen beyond your control, so protecting your personal items and your bank account is critical. 

Tenant Insurance in Québec

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Coverage Options for Tenant Insurance

Contents Insurance

Protects you financially in the event of a loss or damage to your personal items.

Personal Liability Insurance

Liability coverage in case of harm sustained by another person in your rented property (e.g., slip and fall).

Additional Living Expenses

Covers living expenses if your rented property becomes uninhabitable.

Additional Tenant Insurance Coverage Your tenant insurance policy can also include some additional options, including:

High-Value Items

Also called floaters, high-value items include golf carts, jewelry, silverware, and more.

Lawyer Fees

This add-on coverage may include fees for tenant-landlord disputes. 

Identity Theft

After a break-in to your rental (home, condo, apartment), you may have additional coverage for identity theft costs.

Water Damage

Sewer backup and overland water coverage are additional coverage options under a renter's policy. 

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It is not mandatory to get tenant insurance in Canada; however, it pays to have a secure tenant insurance policy as necessary protection for you and your belongings.

Tenant insurance is relatively cheap in Québec, as in many other provinces in Canada. The cost of your monthly premium will depend on where you live, the value of your insured belongings, your claim history, and more.

Depending on your policy, your insurance company can either compensate you with the replacement cost of the item, which is the dollar amount to replace the item today, or the actual cash value—the value of the item, taking depreciation into account.

There are several situations where renter’s insurance will not kick in and you (the renter) will be responsible for paying any losses. For example, if your apartment or home rental has bed bugs/pests, you are responsible for the replacement or cleaning of your personal items (furniture, clothes, etc.).

Tenant insurance in Canada also does not typically cover flood damage. Ask one of our experienced brokers for advice on what is covered under your personalized insurance policy. 

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Protect your belongings and ensure peace of mind with Ciccarello’s tenant insurance in Québec. Get a personalized quote now for comprehensive coverage that meets your specific needs. Don’t leave anything to chance, trust your financial security to our experts. Contact us today and choose the best tenant insurance to protect what matters most to you.

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