Recreational Vehicle Insurance in Québec

Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Avoid Common Risks on and off the Road With Solid RV Insurance

Recreational vehicle (RV) insurance can give you essential protection against common risks associated with using a motorhome, trailer, camper van or other RV. Whether you’re a passionate camper or own a motorhome in Québec, we provide policy options for all your essential needs year-round. 

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How Does RV Insurance Protect You in Québec?

An RV insurance policy provides you with a variety of coverage options for your adventures in any season. Coverage will include critical third-party liability insurance, which covers you if your RV causes unintentional harm to a third party or damages their property. Without an individualized RV policy, you could be out of pocket for medical or damage expenses. 

Why Should You Get an RV Insurance Policy?

Whether you use your RV daily or only for short road trips, a comprehensive insurance policy can significantly minimize your financial risk. With the right RV insurance policy set up, you can rest easy. Speak to one of our expert RV insurance experts today to get the correct coverage for your recreational vehicle.

RV Insurance

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Common Coverage Options for RV Insurance

Personal liability insurance

This type of coverage includes a minimum mandatory coverage of $50,000. 

Accident benefits

Covers certain medical bills after an accident.

Collision insurance

Collision coverage includes payments for the repair or replacement of your RV when it hits another vehicle or object (e.g. guard rail). 

Comprehensive insurance

This type of insurance may cover the cost of damages or replacement of your RV from hail, fire, theft, vandalism, natural disaster, and more.

What Is Québec’s No-Fault Insurance Coverage?

In Québec, drivers of recreational vehicles are required to carry no-fault insurance. This necessary insurance pays for damages to your recreational vehicle, regardless of who is at fault in an accident. No-fault insurance may pay for medical expenses, lost wages, and more – depending on who your insurer is and what options they offer. 

Additional RV Insurance Options

Contents Coverage

It is prudent to cover the contents of your RV, which covers you if items such as electronics and other personal items are lost, stolen, or damaged.

Extra Roadside Assistance

If you travel often and need a boost in your roadside assistance, this is a common endorsement for your RV. This type of add-on may include extra mileage covered, increased policy limits, pet care, and more.

Full-Time Living in Your RV

Considering add-on options because you live full-time in your RV? This can be discussed with one of our RV insurance brokers to ensure a safe and happy experience with your RV.

What Factors Affect Your RV Insurance Rate in Québec?

The size, type, and value of your RV

RVs come in all shapes and sizes and come in a wide range of options and prices. For example, your insurance rate will reflect the make and model of your camper or motorhome.

RV Insurance rate

Your age

If you have been driving for many years (e.g. 15 years), your insurance rate will be lower compared to a teenager or first-time driver’s rate.

RV Insurance quebec

Claim history

If you have a long history of claims and convictions, your insurance rate will be much higher. Some insurers have tracking systems to track your driving habits and drive down your insurance rates.

Policy limits, your deductible, loss settlement, and your coverage.

Your RV policy will include your choice of policy limits, coverage and loss settlement amount. No policy is the same from person to person. Ask a Ciccarello broker for advice on how to set your policy limits and more.

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The cost of your monthly premium for RV insurance can vary based on the type and size of your RV, your chosen protection policies, your claims history, and more.

There are many factors that can impact your RV insurance rate, including your RV make, your age, claim history and more. 

The size, type, and value of your RV

RVs are available in a diverse array of sizes and configurations, offering a broad spectrum of choices and costs. Your insurance rate will be influenced by factors such as the specific make and model of your camper or motorhome.

Your age

Having accumulated extensive driving experience (e.g., 15 years) will lead to a lower insurance premium in comparison to the rates applicable to a teenager or someone driving for the first time.

Claim history

A history marked by numerous claims and convictions will result in notably elevated insurance premiums. Certain insurers employ tracking systems to monitor your driving behaviors, which can lead to reduced insurance costs over time.

Policy limits, your deductible, loss settlement, and your coverage.

Within your RV policy, you have the flexibility to select your preferred policy limits, coverage options, and loss settlement amounts. As policies vary based on individual circumstances, consulting a Ciccarello broker can provide you with expert guidance on establishing suitable policy limits and more.

Yes, recreational vehicle insurance is mandatory in Canada. For trailers without an engine towed by your car, RV insurance is not mandatory, but still essential to offer you protection against common liability and damage claims. 

It is recommended that your RV is insured year-round in order to guarantee protection against theft, vandalism and other damage.

Depending on what your insurer offers and what type of RV you own, there are many things that are not covered under an RV insurance policy. What’s not included in an RV policy include wear and tear of your RV, damage caused by animals, wear/dry rot, deterioration, and more. Ask one of our skilled brokers for advice and a quick way to get an insurance quote. 

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