Construction Site Wrap-Up Insurance in Québec

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Mitigate Risks with a Solid Construction Policy

In a high-risk industry, it’s important to make sure all elements of your project are well insured. One factor that is significant, especially in large scale construction projects, is third-party liability. Wrap-up liability insurance provides blanket coverage for a fixed duration against third-party liability for everyone working on a construction project, including property owners, contractors, and sub-contractors.

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Protect your Crew with a Reliable Policy

Liability is often a major concern for contractors and property owners overseeing a construction project. Major players may already have a GENERAL COMMERCIAL LIABILITY insurance policy in place, but that doesn’t constitute blanket coverage against liability in the case of a lawsuit. Construction wrap-up insurance prevents gaps in your liability coverage and protects you against uninsured workers. In the event of a lawsuit, construction wrap-up insurance makes it much easier to settle a claim.

Full Coverage to Suit Your Project

Construction projects of any size require different professionals working at the same time, including contractors, subcontractors and property owners that require a dependable policy. A construction wrap-up policy provides full protection for all major players on a construction project and saves you from unnecessary and costly processes that occur from using individual construction policies.  

Construction Site Wrap-Up Insurance

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Basic Construction Wrap-up Insurance Coverage

Third-party liability

Liability coverage for all workers in the event of a claim.

There is a common liability limit for the project

The general contractor does not have to worry about whether subcontractors have enough insurance.

Efficient claim settlement

Reduces lengthy litigation and investigation processes.

Additional Construction Wrap-Up Insurance Options

Every construction project is different in many aspects. With the help of our experienced brokers at Ciccarello, you will be able to secure the most suitable policy for your project with different terms depending on the duration of the project.

Common endorsements for construction wrap-up insurance include:

Liability protection

Property damage coverage

Property damage covers physical damage to any structures, materials or equipment involved in the project.

Product coverage

Product coverage may cover any defects that are discovered after the construction project has been completed.

How Much Does Construction Wrap-Up Insurance Cost in Québec?

The cost of construction wrap-up insurance in Québec depends on a myriad of factors, including the duration of the project, project size and value, claims history of the contractor or owner, project security measures, and more.

Construction Wrap-Up Insurance Cost

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One of the key questions to ask your insurance broker is the scope of the insurance required to cover the major aspects of the construction project. As every construction project is different, ensure you speak with one of our skilled construction brokers for their valuable advice.

Although it is not mandatory to hold construction wrap-up liability insurance for your construction project in Québec, it’s essential to have an insurance policy in case of an accident, injury, liability coverage, and more. If there is an incident on the construction site, several parties may be involved and it can be difficult to determine liability. With a single insurance policy, it’s easy to settle a claim.

Depending on your requirements and scale of the construction project, the cost of your construction wrap-up insurance premium can vary widely. We suggest you speak with an experienced broker to find a reliable construction wrap-up policy for your project.

Besides a comprehensive construction wrap-up insurance policy, there are several other types of construction insurance, including builders’ risk insurance, which covers an individual’s insurance coverage and not an entire team.

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Don’t take any chances. Secure your site with Construction Site Wrap-Up Insurance from Ciccarello. Our policies are tailored to your specific project needs and provide comprehensive coverage. Contact us today and let us help you keep your construction site safe and secure until the job is done!

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