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Mortgage Insurance

Buying a home is an important, exiting time in your life. Taking on a monthly mortgage can be a little daunting. What would happen if you were to suddenly pass away? Would your family be able to pay the mortgage? Would it be a financial burden for them?

Mortgage life insurance is an affordable solution and for a small monthly premium you get a BIG peace-of-mind assurance. It’s a type of life insurance that pays off your outstanding mortgage if you were to pass away.

Injuries and illness are often the root cause of home foreclosures, we can also add additional coverage to cover terminal illness and accident protection.

Ciccarello Assurances can guide you through the various options and help you choose the mortgage life insurance that is right for you. Protect you, your family and your house. Your loved ones should never have to worry about losing the family home.

For more information or to request a mortgage life insurance quote contact us at 514-253-8960 or by e-mail at info@ciccarello.ca.

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