Motorcycle Insurance in Québec

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If you ride a motorcycle, you know it can be a fun experience, but adventure doesn’t come without risks. Whether you are an experienced rider or a novice, you need protection against potential accidents and lawsuits. A suitable motorcycle insurance policy can cover you in the event of accidents or liability claims, so you can enjoy your ride hassle-free.

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How Does Motorcycle Insurance Protect You?

In Québec, a solid liability insurance policy is essential to protect you in case you are involved in an accident, causing harm to person or damage to another person’s property. If you want to lease or finance your moto, you may also need comprehensive coverage, collision coverage and mandatory liability coverage.

Is Motorcycle Insurance Mandatory in Québec?

Mandatory motorcycle insurance in Québec includes minimum civil liability insurance (Section A). If you lease your motorcycle, the beneficiary (leasing company or lienholder) will require that your vehicle is insured for Liability (Section A), Collision (B2) and Comprehensive (B3).

Motorcycle Insurance

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Common Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

Third-party liability

Covers you if you are found liable for harm to a third party or damage to property.

Comprehensive damage

Includes damage or loss of your motorcycle due to incidents, such as fire or theft.

Collision insurance

Protects you financially from costs related to damage to your motorcycle due to an accident with another vehicle or object.

Accident benefits

If you or a family member are injured or killed in an accident, accident benefits coverage may protect you.

Additional Moto Insurance Coverage

Loss of use

If your moto is damaged and needs repairs due to an accident, this coverage type includes expenses of renting a replacement motorcycle.

Roadside Assistance

If you or a family member are injured or killed in an accident, accident benefits coverage may protect you.

What Factors Affect Your Motorcycle Insurance Premium in Québec?

If you just purchased a motorcycle, you’re likely looking for the best insurance rate you can get. While there is a wide range of rates available, depending on the insurer, your rate is always impacted by several factors.

These factors include the type of motorcycle you own, your driving record, your claims history, your age, the type of coverage you choose, and more. Find out about how you can get a personalized motorcycle insurance policy by asking one of our experienced insurance brokers.

Motorcycle Insurance in Québec

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Yes, if you own a motorcycle, you require civil liability insurance policy coverage in Québec. If you own a motorcycle, you are required by law to have a minimum of $50,000 in coverage.

There are few ways you could potentially get a lower insurance rate for your motorcycle. If you already have a home insurance policy, you can get a lower rate by bundling your home insurance policy with your motorcycle insurance policy.

To bundle, you must use the same insurance company for both. Another way to save is to increase your deductible which is the dollar amount you pay out after you submit a claim. When you raise your deductible, it decreases your insurance rate.

Contact one of our friendly brokers to get more information on how to save money while enjoying your adventure on the open road.

To lower your monthly premium for motorcycle insurance, consider bundling your motorcycle insurance with your home insurance policy. Some insurers will give you a discount when you bundle these two policies. A low number of past claims and a clean driving record will also help you get a lower monthly premium.

Typically, people benefit from buying a reliable motorcycle insurance policy. However, if you have modifications or additions to your motorcycle, that may affect your insurance coverage and your premium. Certain types of motorcycles may be classified as “high-risk” and would require special insurance coverage. Talk to one of our expert brokers to get a motorcycle insurance policy that best fits your needs.

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