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Life Insurance - Insurance Brokers in Montreal - Ciccarello


Everyone wants to ensure that they don’t leave their family members with a debt after their passing. But life insurance can be so confusing, and many people ask themselves “How much coverage do I need?” and “What’s the difference between term insurance and permanent life insurance?”

As life insurance brokers we can help you get the best coverage that suits your needs at highly competitive rates. And, we’ll help you pick the right life insurance plan for you and your family.

We’ll help you pick the right life insurance and permanent insurance works, and if you opt for permanent insurance, we’ll guide you through the differences between whole life, universal life, and variable life insurance.



Buying a home is an important, exiting time in your life. Taking on a monthly mortgage can be a little daunting. What would happen if you were to suddenly pass away? Would your family be able to pay the mortgage? Would it be a financial burden for them?

Mortgage life insurance is an affordable solution and for a small monthly premium you get peace-of-mind. It’s a type of life insurance that pays off your outstanding mortgage if you were to pass away.

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disability insurance


Nobody wants to think of becoming temporarily or permanently disabled. Not being able to work can cause you and your family a serious financial burden.

At Ciccarello Assurances, our experts can guide you in finding a product that will help you cover your expenses for weeks and months in the eventuality of a illness or injury.



Being diagnosed with a serious illness is something we all hope would never happen. It is without a doubt the most difficult challenge one has to go through.

In the past few decades we have witnessed many new medical advancements. Critical Illness insurance is designed to help you through this process by reducing your fianancial burden, giving you access to top medical services and assist you on your road to recovery.

Ciccarello Assurances can guide you through the different products and help you make the best decision for this type of insurance.

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