You are probably not insured… Are you ready in case of data loss?

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You are probably not insured… Are you ready in case of data loss?

You will only realize that the data you had on your hard drive or USB drive was important the day they disappeared. A false click on your computer mouse can delete in a few seconds data compiled for several years. Worse, a fire or a theft! Whether its personal data or corporate data, we know that this information is dear to you. Have you thought about making backups? If not, here are some helpful tips for saving your information safely.

It is important to know that at this moment there are few insurance policies that will cover the loss of data. Unfortunately, the day you lose your data because of a fire, theft, breakage of the device, water damage, ransomware, virus introduction etc. it is very likely that you will have to absorb the loss because your insurance company will not cover it. So, it’s better to act and protect your data to the best of your abilities. Below are some suggestions.

4 causes of data loss

Several causes explain the loss of data. You have probably already experienced loosing documents or dealing with viruses that wipes all your information. This unpleasant incident gives you the feeling that your life has just tipped over similar to losing your wallet. Your data is dear to you and that’s why you must plan for the worst. Here are some possible causes of data loss:

  1. Involuntary formatting of a hard disk
  2. Failure or power failure due to external storm loss
  3. Hard disk read heads are damaged
  4. Water damage

All these reasons are good enough to start thinking of having a recovery plan for your data. As we often say “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Usually, people may lose the following data:

  • Music and videos
  • Data compilations
  • Family photos
  • Hard disk, internal or external
  • Control Tower

Tips for preventing data loss

As a company in the field of prevention, we will advise you to save more than one copy of your files. Computer scientists specializing in data backups and recoveries recommend the 3-2-1 law.

Three copies of your saved data including two on local devices and one offline, either on the cloud-called cloud, cloud computing or cloud computing.

Be careful and make your backups.

Are there software or data backup applications?

Certainly! There are two highly recommended applications.

  1. Data Rescue
  2. Disk Drill

DATA RESCUE by Prosoft

The costs for this application are approximately $ 125. It is the most popular application on the market for data recovery. It is available for Macs and PCs.

DISK DRILL by CleverFiles

This application is recommended for Mac devices. There is a free version. The paid version is like the previous application.

Data recovery companies

It’s simple! The more your device is damaged, such as your USB key or hard drive containing digital data for example, the more time it will take to repair the cost will be. Your device will probably not work anymore, but specialized companies will know how to extract the data. That’s why international companies, corporations and government offices shred their hard drives. Only crushing, drowning or even burning part of it is not safe enough.

Contact a few companies to compare their services and especially their estimated costs.

According to, experts in recovering computer data, a 1-40GB USB stick could cost you $ 375 USD to try to recover your data, while a 1-2TB key could cost you $ 1500 USD.


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