Cyber-attack at Promutuel Assurance – Update

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Breaking news, we have been informed that Promutuel Insurance and its mutuals have been victim of a Cyber Attack. Currently the insurer is assessing the breach and will be providing us with updates. In the meantime, here is the information we are authorized to provide you.

The situation is evolving day by day, please consult the Promutuel site for updates

In addition, the situation has been reported in different media. Below you will find a media link.

Promutuel Insurance has informed us that «they have been the victim of a cyberattack which renders its telephone system and computer systems currently inoperable. A team of experts is currently conducting a thorough investigation aimed at shedding light on the situation and restoring the situation as soon as possible. Regulatory authorities have also been notified. Despite the robustness of Promutuel Assurance’s technological systems and security mechanisms, it seems that the organization is not immune to this wave of cyberattacks that generally hit businesses and even some government authorities. »

Promutuel provided us with the following information:

  • Promutuel Insurance confirms that it has retrieved information belonging to it on Dark Web.
  • We are talking about a limited number of files, ie 15 files (3.6 MB).
  • The analysis of these files has been completed and Promutuel confirms that they do not contain any SIN, driver’s license, credit card number or other banking information.
  • Regulatory authorities have already been notified and the police have also been seized of the matter.

Promutuel Insurance confirms that it is treating this situation with seriousness, transparency and diligence and will deploy all the necessary measures to protect those potentially affected if the situation requires it.

If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Ciccarello Assurances at 514-253-8960.

As you have been informed there have been various news media coverage on the breach. You will find a link below.

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***** Disclaimer: The following information was taken in parts from an informational release and from the Promutuel website.

Please refer to the Promutuel website for any updates


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