Why Choose an Insurance Broker ?

Why Choose an Insurance Broker ?

Why choose an insurance broker?

Warning! Know that the insurance premium you currently pay or that you will eventually pay is not necessary the best coverage for you. You can pay a high premium thinking that you are well insured, unfortunately, often your insurance does not cover all losses. There are several points to analyze before choosing an insurance coverage. That’s why it’s beneficial for you to choose an insurance broker firm with experienced brokers who can do all the work for you and find the right insurance for you. 

What is the difference between a direct agent or an insurance broker?

A direct agent works for one company only, so it represents a product offered by that insurance company. A broker works in conjunction with several insurance companies to help you find, not only the best coverage for you, but the best priced insurance policy. The broker represents the customer, he does not represent a specific company.

The insurance broker will then take the time to explain to the client the coverages that are offered to him including any optional coverage available and necessary to take. Many insurance policies are complicated to understand, this is where the insurance broker comes in. He/she will do everything in his power to offer you a product that covers you correctly, in the worst situation, by explaining everything you need to know.

Why an insurance broker?

First of all, you will save time and of course, money!

He/she will be able to find the best insurance for you, remember the renewal of your policy and verify your coverages if adjustments need to be made.

The insurance broker will act according to YOUR needs and not only for YOUR wallet. He represents you with hundreds of insurance companies to offer you excellent quality vs price coverage.

At Ciccarello Assurances, the brokers receive technical training from the insurance companies regularly and are kept up to date with changes and modifications in the insurance contracts. A broker will get to know your insurance needs and requirements and will know exactly what to offer you and the riders to adjust if necessary.

How to choose your insurance broker?

First, if you do not know anyone in the field, you can ask trusted people around you with whom they do business for their insurance. A reference is worth a lot! If not, make a list of recognized business brokers, active for more than 10 years in the field. Then look for the broker’s history, make sure his license is active and that no complaint has been made. Ask them for a few people or companies for which they offer their services, ask them for customer references to read some testimonials, if possible.

Now, it’s time to make an appointment with the two or three brokers you’ve decided to meet to follow up on your research. During your meetings, ask them some questions such as: what his experiences, the number of years in the field, his degree of education, the permits and training they hold, do they have professional liability insurance in case error that could result in significant damage, etc.

For more information about a commercial insurance broker, visit our article: What can an insurance broker do for companies in the construction and transportation (trucking) sector?

Your broker then becomes a business partner, a partner with whom you must have full confidence of their advice and suggestions.

You can visit the Federal Supervisory Bodies and other regulatory bodies to obtain a list of regulatory insurers. In Quebec, visit this site and verify that the broker with whom you do business is authorized to practice in the category: Personal Insurance or Group Insurance of Persons: https://lautorite.qc.ca/grand-public/.

Do business with a single broker!

It is important to do business with only one broker at a time. If you are dealing with several brokers at the same time making the same claims to insurers at the same time, it may be difficult for them to negotiate the best deal for you, and in the end, you might not get the best coverage and price. Your insurance broker is a trusted partner. Choose a professional who is successful in the insurance industry and works for you. In all cases, Ciccarello Assurances, a family business recognized in the field for over 50 years.

Our brokers are familiar with the products on the market, they are there to listen to you to summarize and explain your situation to the insurers. Our main concern is to defend your interests and accompany you, as we already do with thousands of customers.

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