What to expect during a claim?

What to expect when it's time to claim - insurance
Have you ever wondered what happens while we are processiong your claim? The following gives you a general idea of what should/does happen when we process a claim for you.
  • We begin by asking you for infomation about your loss, the more information you provide, the easier we can help you in case of complications.
  • We will quickly assess if this is a worthy claim that will not work against you.
  • We then take the information you have given us and relay it to the claims department of your insurance company where it s picked up by a claims ajuster.
  • Within 24 hours the claims adjuster will contact you to confirm all the information and begin the repair process.
  • They usually have accredited repair companies that they like to deal with, but they do not limit you to only those options.
  • This adjuster will assess your damages, your policy and inform you of what is covered by the insurance company. They will authorize the pick-up of a courtesy vehicle (if eligible/applicable) and the repairs of your vehicle of home.
  • The adjuster will also notify you of the way the damages will be paid for, this usually goes on a case per case basis. Either the insurer will pay the repair companies directly or it will pay you after you show proof of the expenses.
  • If the insurer pays the repair companies directly you have nothing more to worry about; but if they decide to pay you, you will have to wait for them to issue a check. We will receive the check and send it to you.
  • We will be aware of your case throughout this process.
There are delays that do occur and can make this process very lengthy, be sure to have the most information possible in order to speed up this process. If at any moment you are unhappy with the work of your adjuster, it is important that contact your broker immediately and they will work together for the best results. Remember that insurance is made to bring you to the state where you were prior to the incident. They will pay no more or no less to bring you back to that point.