Protecting your identity should be one of you top priorities

protecting identity, data theft

Protecting your identity should be one of your top priorities. It is your personal information that provides access to your bank accounts, credit report, government records and more. In the event of digital identity theft, a malicious person can steal your social insurance number (SIN), banking information or driver’s license. They can then withdraw money […]

Residential / Home Insurance – Things to know

Home insurance or Residential Insurance - Water infiltration

Winter and home insurance policies Winter is not only rough on most Canadians but also on our homes.  If you are currently experiencing issues with your home due to volatile winter weather, be aware that most home insurance policies offered to policyholders will cover damages such as the collapse of the roof due to the […]


Residential tips - Types of coverage

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Tips – Car – Replacement cost

Replacement Cost - Car insurance

Replacement Cost Ciccarello Insurance provides two types of replacement cost insurance that offers peace-of-mind vehicle coverage. Although insurance companies back both products, they are quite different. At Ciccarello Assurances, we will look at your exact needs to customize your insurance coverage. Your needs determine which product is right for you. Here are the two replacement […]