Home insurance: 5 factors that influence your premium

5 factors influencing the insurance premium

The home insurance market is a very competitive industry. The insurance market today is not only competitive but very selective in who they insure. Rates can vary greatly from one insurer to another. It is therefore important to understand the main factors that influence insurers’ rates and decisions on your home insurance premiums We’ve included […]

Why Choose an Insurance Broker ?

Why Choose an Insurance Broker ?

Why choose an insurance broker? Warning! Know that the insurance premium you currently pay or that you will eventually pay is not necessary the best coverage for you. You can pay a high premium thinking that you are well insured, unfortunately, often your insurance does not cover all losses. There are several points to analyze […]

What is liability insurance?

liability insurance - Personal Insurance

Everything you need to know about liability insurance. Why do we need liability insurance? Every day anything can happen to you. Accidents happen quickly. Even if it was involuntary, you may be held responsible and liable for the damages cause to a third party. As we all know lawsuits can be very expensive if you […]