Insurance for truckers, road carrier and car fleet

Are you a road carrier or owner of a car fleet?

Ciccarello Assurance offers you its expertise in transport insurance whether in Canada and/or the United States), automobile fleet, cargo insurance, specialized transportation, tug etc. Our experts will be able to help you identify your insurance needs to protect your business and your vehicles. In a field where it can be difficult to obtain an insurance policy, we deal with several insurance companies in order to offer you the best possible insurance for your type of transport.

Let us help you find the best insurance for your needs

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Ciccarello Insurance is proud to offer several specialized programs in certain fields. With the help of our insurance partners, we can offer specially tailored policies for the specific needs of an industry. These affordable packages become perfectly all that customers need to be protected in the event of a disaster.

The DHL Freelance Truckers Insurance Program is the first program to offer a dedicated service to all DHL drivers in Quebec.