Liability insurance should be a priority when starting a new business. It will give you peace of mind to operate with confidence and worry-free for the success of your business. You will be well covered against unforeseen circumstances which can endanger the future of your business as well as your reputation.

What does liability insurance cover?

If you involuntarily cause damages to another individual’s property or the individual himself he or she may ask to be compensated. That is when your liability insurance will protect you. It could also be a situation in which you hurt someone accidentally. For example, your children are playing outside in the snow with the neighbors’ children and you are clearing your driveway with your snowblower. Unfortunately, the children play close to you and the leg of one of the neighbor’s children enters the snow blower, the young child loses his leg. The neighbor could sue you for compensation for his child. If you have home insurance, there is a liability insurance included in it. For automobile insurance, it is an obligatory protection, no contract is issued without no civil liability.

What is liability insurance?

Everything you need to know about liability insurance. Why do we need liability insurance? Every [...]


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