Urban agriculture – Are you well insured?

Insurance and coverage for urban agriculture

Are you the owner of a vertical farming in a commercial building? Did you know that you need special insurance for this type of gardening in an urban or peri-urban areas? Are you well protected?

Since the last decade, we have seen the emergence of urban agriculture in parks and public gardens, but also especially on flat roofs and balconies. These are proofs that the demand for this type of agriculture is present!

The Frédéric Back Center for Culture and Environment is a good example of a farm in the city.

More recently, companies such as Lufa Farms located in Montreal (https://montreal.lufa.com/en/about) have developed their greenhouses on the roofs of commercial buildings. It was in 2010 that these entrepreneurs found an owner accepting their first greenhouse construction on his commercial roof in Anjou, Montreal. As a result, these farms can produce more fruits and vegetables throughout the year. Since then, several other companies have developed this practice also called Vertical Farming. These living buildings make their space profitable and offer green environments much appreciated by locals. Such is the example of an industrial building in Chicago called The Plant (http://plantchicago.org/farmers-market/). They even harvest fish! If you are the owner of such a company, be well informed of the insurance coverages that are offered to you and especially endorsements that will be well appreciated in the event of a claim.

Cities are increasingly encouraging this type of sustainable development practice to provide citizens with a better diet twelve months a year. Urban agriculture is a real ingenious technology, a practice that is not about to stop. In addition, urban agriculture is giving life to many vacant buildings while creating jobs in each of our communities.

We can help urban farm owners to be insured according to their activity practices and to sleep peacefully! Contact one of our agents who will explain in detail what you need to know about it: 514-253-8960.