What are the most stolen cars in Canada and Quebec in 2018?

The TOP stolen cars in Canada and Quebec

An interview took place in December 2018 on Québec Matin, a Québec morning show, with Mr Bernard Marchand, political analyst at the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC). This specialist explains the reasons why certain vehicles are targeted for theft. He explicitly listed the top stolen cars.

Whether we like it or not, vehicle theft statistics are glaring. First, eight in ten of the most stolen cars are SUVs (sports utility vehicles) and two out of ten vehicles are called standard vehicles. While in the previous year, according to IBC, four out of ten vehicles were pickup trucks, three were SUVs and two were sedans.

Below are the top 5 stolen vehicles in 2018:

  1. Acura MDX 4DR 4WD 2017
  2. Toyota 4Runner 4DR AWD 2015
  3. Honda CR-V 4DR AWD 2016
  4. Toyota 4Runner 4DR AWD 2016
  5. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 4DR 4WD 2016

Click here to see the list of the 10 most stolen vehicles in 2017.

Thieves have two criteria’s for selecting the vehicle they will steal. First, they prefer high-end vehicles as you can see in the list above and then they go after newer vehicles.

What are the reasons for these thefts?

The main reason for these thefts is for export abroad to the Middle East, Africa and Asia. The cars are put in containers and discreetly cross the ocean to find a second life in other continents. These networks of organized thefts, to say the least, very well organized! They are real professionals in the field.

In July 2014, a dismantling network of luxury car thefts finally got caught. Hundreds of cars were put in containers at the Montreal Port destined for Africa were seized. Here the article.

In June 2015, another network of car theft was caught in Laval. Ten people were arrested and nearly $ 2 million dollars’ worth of cars were seized. The cars were disassembled and resold in pieces or exported abroad.

Recently in November 2018, another group of people were arrested, again all luxury cars in Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines. Click here to read the article (only in French).

You can listen too an interview by clicking the following link.

Huge increase in car thefts in Canada

Since 2017, there has been an increase in Canada of 6%. In Quebec, there was an increase of 7%, or 12,900 stolen vehicles. Quebec ranked 4th. Several years ago, Quebec was the capital of car thefts. Now the province has been under the national average.

What is the busiest period of car thefts?

June to November are the months of the year when vehicles are the most stolen. In the summer it is easier to make a quick transaction.  While in winter with snowy weather and slippery roads, it is less favorable for thieves to grab a vehicle quickly and discreetly.

Obviously, December and the holiday season is the second time of the year when there are the most car-related robberies. December is the purchase of Christmas gifts; this is where the content of cars is the most stolen even without stealing the car.

Attention, identity theft!

Identity theft often happens when thieves steal the contents in the cars. Thieves can use your credit cards if you leave your personal belongings inside the vehicle and even double your identity and make multiple transactions on your behalf. Big mistake! Never leave valuables in your car!  You can motivate a thief to steal if you leave your belongings visibly in the car!

Steal a car in 30 seconds!

In December 2018, ici.radio-canada.ca talked about how easy it is to steal new cars. Unlocking the doors of a car with a traditional key was more difficult than it is now. With the electronic key stipulated José Fernandez, a security specialist at Polytechnique de Montréal. Thieves steel cars at a distance. The idea is to make the vehicle believe that the key is close to the car through a signal amplifier. The thief can then seize the car by letting it always on until it dismantles all the pieces for resale. It is disturbing to believe that the automotive technology is declining rather than moving forward. This is especially worrying for insurers, but also for the owner who will eventually get an increase on his car insurance premium increase.

How to make life more difficult for thieves?

To reduce your chances of having your car stolen, Mr. Marchand suggests following these tips at all times.

  1. Install a car alarm system. You can install an alarm system or an immobilizer to protect against theft. In fact, if you have this technology, your insurer will grant you a credit on your insurance premium.
  2. Do not leave objects in view. Never leave valuables in view and if you feel that you are being watched, go home and drop off your items. Any technological items such as cell phones, tablets, mp3 players are very attractive to thieves. They observe what stores you go in an out at the mall and follow you.
  3. No personal effects inside a car. NEVER leave your wallet, credit cards or bank statements inside your car. Any document with your personal information could be used against you.
  4. Do not leave the engine running unattended. The easiest way for thieves: a car on the move, unlocked doors waiting for a new owner! Even if you stop at the convenience store for 2 minutes or live in a small town where everyone knows each other, you might be surprised.
  5. Recently, a mother going to pick up her child at daycare left her family car running, the doors unlocked but in addition, there were her other children in the back. The thief took the car and when he saw the children behind, turned around and went back to bring the car back. This situation could have really had a sad ending. The children could have been stolen and hurt. Be alert at all times.
  6. Lock your doors.  ALWAYS lock your doors it’s a must!
  7. Use an inside garage. Park your car indoors if you can, especially at night. Doing so will definitely make it harder for thieves to access tour vehicle.

If you follow the advice issued by the Insurance Bureau of Canada and opt for a less recent vehicle that is not listed in the top stolen cars, you put every chance on your side to possibly not get your car stolen.

Car thefts are expensive to insurers but also to you. It will take a drastic increase in the number of thefts for consumers to finally react against car thefts and become aware of the risk. Probably when the authorities will demand tougher and safer standards for car manufacturers.

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